–Customer Photos–

Our lovely customers are the reason we do what we do, they motivate us to develop and do new exciting things and we think it’s only fair to give them their own space on our site to shine in all their glory!

Daisy Gill, singer song-writer, wearing her B&V original 1950’s lace swing dress for her promotional photoshoot

Miss Liverpool Contestant Molly McEntee-Morris wearing Original Chinese pink lace dress

(Below) Carmel Heavey trying on her latest purchase in the form of a Chocolate Brown 1940’s Felt Hat adorned with an Ostrich plume. A Little Robin Hood Esque looking fabulous on Carmel, one of Bijou an Vintage’s regular customers

Josie Moran UK Galaxy Finals.. 1980s courture gown
Jenna Kenyani, a wedding guest at Formby Hall sporting one of our favourite 80’s saucer Hats

If you are a previous customer of ours and want your photo featured please submit them to bijouandvintage@gmail.com or you can send them on to us via Facebook or Instagram

If you can give us a little information about where you wore it and what you paired your purchase with, we love hearing your individual spins on how you wore your Bijou items, after all we pride ourselves on being The Choice For Individual Style!