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David Bowie meant so much to so many people but depending on who you ask will depend on the reasoning as to why. Here at Bijou and Vintage we are style and fashion obsessives and Bowie doesn’t stick to the usual parameters of era and period dress, he flits between and created a whole wave of gender neutral dress at a time when that wasn’t yet an openly done thing. Out of his many persona’s a favourite is hard to pick and many people focus in on Ziggy Stardust, notably Bowie’s most recognisable persona but in terms of accessible style we are going to focus in on the Thin White Duke with his debonair blazers, wide trousers and retro fedora.

Despite some of the negative aspects of the thin white duke it is a key development in the Bowie style catalogue so we thought breaking it down into individual items would be a good start in creating a modern verson.

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Firstly the hair, sleekback hair is a sticking point to start with which is what draws your eye to the refined clothing but without this neat do the look would have been very very different. Slick hair has been fashionable in cycles for women and men so we picked out some of our favourite modern interpretations.

From left to right, GEasy, Margot Robbie, Shia Lebeouf, Jared Leto, Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington Whiteley

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Then into silhouette, Thin White Duke is an amalgamation of neatly tailored pieces, a slim and short torso with long legs which is easy to achieve with a well fitted waistcoat and a pair of oxford bag trousers which have a higher waist and deeper crutch and pleat detailing around the front hip to create fullness to allow the fabric to then drop down fluidly along the length of the leg.

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The lapel shaping is a big big big feel for us, the top collar finishes higher up towards the collar bone leaving a much longer space for a big statement lapel. We have a few options available in store at the moment which we think are great pieces to help you achieve a similar statement with a jacket.

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Last but not least is the easiest way in Bowie’s iconic look is the white shirt, big collar loose at the cuff which is a super easy and inexpesive item to add into your wardrobe. A classic white shirt will see you through rain or shine and you cant really beat it. For ladies an oversized mens shirt doubles up as a stylist alternative and then for men something slimmer. To not look too dated go for a slightly smaller modern collar but keep the cuffs open for the laid back approach.

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We have a wide range of mens shirts in store which are perfect for loosening up, we have a few 70’s options with a larger collar for those who want something more authentic in its age.

Pop in store for a hand getting your own Bowie look or alternativly check out our depop and etsy pages which are accessable from the top bar under shopping!

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